Use Log Duraflame Electric Fireplace

Jul 3rd
Wonderful Duraflame Electric Fireplace
Wonderful Duraflame Electric Fireplace

Duraflame electric fireplace logs are designed to make a fire easier. Various products are suitable for wood burning stoves, outdoor fireplaces and indoor fireplaces. Use the specially treated Duraflame to quickly and effortlessly start a fire in your home fireplace. Open the damper on the fireplace. Look for edges on the packaging of Duraflame logs. Gently pull the seam, which causes it to pull away from the log. Keep the wrapping on logs, but separate it from the log.

Set a log in the duraflame electric fireplace, with wrapper seam facing the door opening. The arrows on wrapping should also turn downwards. Put the second log on the top at an angle so that the two logs form an “X”. Log on top should point towards the closed side of the combustion chamber. Turn on Duraflame logger by placing the tip of your lighter on the arrows at the bottom log and swipe lighter. The flame must move along the flames and seam in wrapping.

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Place the metal fireplace screen in front of the duraflame electric fireplace. This blocks ashes and soot from floating out of the fireplace, but causes fire to burn. For fireplaces with glass doors, keep doors open until the fire goes out. Waited two hours to add a third log to the fireplace. The flames from the original log must expire before adding another log. If you want to extend the fire, add a new log to the fire every hour.

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