Such Pouring Concrete Landscape Curbing Forms

Nov 5th
Wonderful Landscape Curbing
Wonderful Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing – define the path to the curb around your landscape mode with a rope. Place the rope at least 10 inches from the edge of the garden or walkway; 4 inches is to form boards. Digging out the ground between the grass and garden rope 4 inches deep, and tamp the ground at the bottom of the trough to push any trapped air and moisture. Place the form boards to the internal walls of each side of the trench.

Stack of boards on their sides to achieve the desired height of the landscape curbing. Nail the boards together by means of a hammer, and brace the form of 1-by-3 inch garden stakes around the outside of the boards. Fill the molds with a 3-inch layer of ¾-inch unit and tamp it until the surface is hard. The tamped unit prevents the concrete cracks and facilitates underground drainage.

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Ready-mix concrete mix with water and iron oxide pigments in a cement mixer until the batch a brownie dough-like consistency. The pigment is optional, but it adds color to your landscape curbing, highlight your landscape or supplement home. Pour the concrete, changing it around with a hoe to spread it in the corners. Scrape off excess with a trowel and smooth the top with a float. See the specific package instructions for the time you will have to cure the concrete before removing the forms.

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