Glass Stair Railing Ideas

Nov 17th
Simple Glass Stair Railing
Simple Glass Stair Railing

Glass stair railing is considered stylish and elegant; those without frames can also be called amazing and romantic, because they seem to be fluent, without any clear supply. Generally made of clear float glass, the glass rails provide safety and excellent visibility on stairs and balconies. Glass railing components include glass slabs, shoe moldings, panel clips and top rails.

Glass stair railing slabs are usually cured (or cured), with polished edges. The sealing process aims to ensure that if the weight is applied to the glass, it will not collapse or break. Building standards usually indicate weight, or bearing, requirements on these panels. Glass railing panels are typically about 1/2 inch to one inch thick and can be straight or curved. In fact, some panel suppliers will custom bend the panels according to your wishes.

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Shoe molding

Shoes lists are floor supports for glass balustrade panels and are usually made of aluminum or other metal. Glass stair railing can be surface mounted, fascia mounted or embedded in concrete.” In addition, shoe lists “to get anodized, painted or dressed matching lid railing or area decor.” You must use a wet or dry glaze to set glass discs in the list. Panel clamps attach the glass panels to shoe molding, and, if desired, to vertical support. These clips can hold glass discs of 1/2 inch or more.

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