Gas Fireplace Heaters: Safety Is Guaranteed!

Jul 11th
Wall Gas Fireplace Heaters
Wall Gas Fireplace Heaters

In its design gas fireplace heaters have the same type of device found in boilers to operate through gas. Depending on the model, it must be connect to the chimney. Or have a sealed suction cup that eliminates smoke and an exit in the roof. Closed gas fireplaces can be place anywhere and then, offer great installation flexibility. They have a tight combustion and do not draw air from the room . A concentric nozzle system called a suction cup allows the chimney to draw air by combustion from the outer nozzle. And reject the combustion gases through an internal nozzle.

Therefore, safety is guarantee without the consumption of ambient air and the efficiency is good . Because the hot air from the casing that is not remove is not use for combustion. An open gas fireplace heaters must be connect to an existing or install chimney .

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A low fresh air supply is mandatory, for households equipped with control mechanical ventilation (VMC) this device is incompatible. Open gas fireplaces provide a good atmosphere by offering a realistic view of the flames. But their performance is lower. However with gas fireplace heaters it is easier to design solutions to install them.


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