Comfort Screened Canopy

Sep 17th
Wooden Screened Canopy
Wooden Screened Canopy

Screened canopy – Screened bed canopies are designed to protect sleepers from insect bites in tropical locations. Sew a bed canopy from inexpensive tulle, or fine screened to add a tropical feel to any room, even one with window screens and air conditioning. This is easy to do canopy requires only straight seams. A light wood or bamboo ring spreads out the canopy at the top.

Sew the 3 yard long sides together to form a large square. Use a 1 inch seam allowance for a secure seam in the thin fabric. 3 yard sides will be the sides of the screened canopy, and the long sides will be the top and bottom. Gather one long side together by hand-sewing a large running stitch 1 cm from the top edge. The seams may be as much as one inch apart. A running stitch is a straight in-and-out stitches. Gather the stitched edge by pulling the thread tight. Wrap the wire around the bundle of screenedting and tie it tightly.

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Cut a 12-inch length of twill tape. Wrap the middle of the tape around the knotted thread and hold it in place with a few hand stitches. The tie strip and binding the loose ends together to form a hanging loop. Center the wood or bamboo hoop under the gathered screened 12 inches below the loop. Spread the screened canopy evenly around the frame and sew it in six places. Space the stitching evenly around the edges of the frame. Hang the screened from the ceiling over the bed with the opening in the fabric facing room. Spread the tulle around the bed.

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